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Dog Names: Giving Your Pit Bull Their Name

Finding the perfect dog name isn't as easy as you may think. There are a host of things to consider before deciding on the perfect name for your pooch.

Sometimes people name their dogs using popular names or they name them by their attitudes and others give them the first name that pops into their heads.

Using this page you will be able to find the perfect name for your dog using the resources below.

From German names to girl names to male names, you should have no problem finding a great name.

With that said let's find that perfect name. :o)


Girl Dog Names

Interesting enough I have two girls (Angel and Honey (opens a new window)) who's names came from their attitudes.

Honey was named by her former owner, but she's sweet as honey and Angel well her name tells the story. She's a perfect Angel (most of the time). ;o)

Here's a link to a great list of female dog names (opens a new window).

Male Dog Names

So you have a male and you want to find the perfect name for him.

I know you didn't ask, but personally I like names with meaning. This applies to female dogs as well.

For example the name "Adair" is a celtic name meaning, "Noble."

You can find a vast array of male dog names (opens a new window).

Popular Dog Names

A few popular names are:

  1. Sam, Sammie or Samantha

  2. Max, Maxie, Maxwell or Maxine

  3. Lady, Bear, Maggie and Buddy

Unique Dog Names

Okay so you want to find a name for your dog that is unique.

One option is to use words from other languages.

A few examples are:

  1. Aejaz: A person who does miracles. (Word Orgin: India)

  2. Chipara: Rainbow. (Word Orgin: Incan)

  3. Tsuku-Yomi: god of the moon. (Word Orgin: Japan)

You could use your heritage, religous beliefs, country of origin, etc... The possibilities are endless. :o)

20 Dog Names I Like

I compiled this list of 20 names I think would make for excellent dog names.

(NOTE: I am quite interested in Angels so you'll see quite a few Angel names in this list.)

  1. Anauel - Angel of Prosperity.

  2. Abdiel - Angel of Faith

  3. Alize - one who charms

  4. Camael - Angel of Joy

  5. Duscha - divine spirit

  6. Elijah - Angel of Innocence

  7. Kamalli - spirit guide, protector

  8. Machidiel / MalchedielMeaning - Angel of Courage

  9. Mihael - Angel of Loyalty

  10. Nisroc - Angel of Freedom

  11. Naolin - Aztec God of the sun

  12. Nitesh - Heartbeat of the Earth

  13. Nakia/Niesha - pure

  14. Orrin - River

  15. Orion - son of fire/light

  16. Primo - First Born

  17. Renate - Reborn

  18. Talli - Hero

  19. Truman - Faithful Man

  20. Trahern - strong as iron

Dog Names Summary

I put this page together because I know how difficult it can be to find that "perfect" name. The resources and names contained on this page are only suggestions.

Have a great day and I hope you find a wonderful name for your wonderful Pit Bull. :o)

Best Regards,
Jason Mann

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