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The Pit Bull Problem
How Can You Help?

We need your help if we are to succeed in our mission to help the American Pit Bull Terrier survive into the future.

People power is how we can overcome many of the pitfalls the breed is facing today.

When I'm asked by someone, "How can I help the breed?" My answer is, by getting involved on any level you can.

You don't have to rescue a dog, you don't need to donate hundreds of dollars, and you don't have make it a point to educate every person you see about the APBT. A great way you can help the breed overcome it's current problems is by not adding to them.

A few ways that you can avoid contributing to the problem are:

  • Not breeding. A lot of people breed their female dog simply because they have a female. I've heard things like, not breeding her is against nature's way. My favorite is, I wanted my kids to witness the miracle of birth. There are more, but none are real reasons to breed a dog. Don't breed and have your dog spayed or neutered.

  • Proper Confinement. If you already have an APBT you should keep them properly housed and confined. I'm not saying tie them up and never play with them. I'm saying when they are not with you they should have a nice kennel (or better yet be in your home) or cable/chain tie out that allows them freedom to move around, but is secure enough so they won't escape.

  • Obey local laws. If your city has a leash law, obey it. Don't let your dog off the leash because no one is around only to have the dog jump into a passerby's face and scare the daylights out of them. Always obey your local dog laws.

  • Be positive. When in public with your dog be positive and not confronting. In short, be polite to rude people. If someone says, "Look at the killer dog with the idiot owner" don't strike out in anger, let it go and move on. Allowing people to get under your skin will only make you and your dog look negative to the public.

Even if you don't currently share your life with an APBT you can get involved. Help out some local rescue dogs by giving them some toys, taking them for walks, or donate some food.

Money is always an issue with rescue organizations and while they would love a donation many prefer toys, food, and foster homes for their dogs. However, a few dollars never hurt anyone. If you are able to donate some much needed money, why not do so?

This way they can focus on getting their dogs re-homed and less time worrying about the day to day expense a dog requires.

Helping in this way can do more for the breed than you might think. I've seen very small donations feed a dog for days. I've also seen the excitement of dogs that get toys. Many times these guys have never had a toy or the chance to play with them.

I'm often asked why I decided to devote my life to the APBT. In a word, love. I love the breed for so many different reasons and it gives my life purpose.

When you look into the eyes of a happy American Pit Bull Terrier you can't help but feel the devotion they give to their people. It's intoxicating and by the grace of God I get to see that a lot.

Related information: Blue Pitbulls and Pitbull Puppies and other destructive forces hurting our breed.

Get Involved and Make a Difference

Here's a few organizations we support and would like to invite you to take a further look at too. They are doing great things for the breed, but they still need our support.

  • PBRC - Pit Bull Rescue Central. Needless to say this site has had and is still having a major impact on the breeds dilemma. Helping thousands of dogs find homes, educating the public and owners alike, and striving to bring the Pit Bull out of the horrible state it's in now, PBRC is one outstanding web site.

There are more organizations on our Pit Bull rescue information page.

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