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Choosing a Proper Dog Kennel for Your Pit Bull

By Jason Mann

Choosing the proper dog kennel for your Pit Bull could be the difference between a safe day at home or coming home to find your Pit Bull friend injured or even worse, dead.

I know that might sound harsh or over board but when you have heard as many stories of how a Pit Bull got out of the yard only to be hit by a car over board doesn't even come into the picture.

My personal opinions about Pit Bull housing and safety really don't come into play here.

Though I do believe a dog should be kept inside or given adequate outdoor housing some folks will not bring their dogs inside and think that one of those PetCo igloo dog houses is just fine for their Pit Bulls housing.

You will find several options for housing your Pit Bull. We will cover options like setting up a modular dog kennel all the way to how to build a killer outdoor dog kennel.

Before we get into what kind of dog kennel you want to set up we should cover a few basics.

Outdoor or Indoor that is the Kennel Question of the Day

If you're like me you believe that dogs should get some outside time. Logic tells us that spending time outdoors is healthier than being stuck inside a house all day. I mean my doctor has told me on numerous occassions to "get outside and move around" to improve my health. The same logic, at least for me, applies to dogs as well.

Indoor air pollution is worse than outdoor air pollution and giving your Pit Bull a break from that is helping keep them healthy.

On the flip side I'm not saying your dog should spend their life in an outdoor kennel set up either. I am saying that having a good balance of inside and outside living is healthier for your pet over the long run (in my opinion that is).

Where ever you decide to set up your dog kennel make sure you have plenty of room for it. There is nothing worse than walking into a clients home to see their dogs kennel stuck in the corner of the smallest room in the house isolated from the rest of the household. Give your dog some space.

Dog Kennel Options

For indoors I suggest a play area type set up. You can use the smaller modular dog kennel set ups for this or you can modify a pet pen for your dog. If you have a Pit Bull puppy a play pen is a great way to give them some freedom and house train them as well.

You can also use a portable dog kennel and place it inside the play pen to give your dog a secure area in your home. By putting one of these portable kennels into the pen area you provide your dog a nice place to go rest and get some down time.

Next on the option list is setting up an outdoor dog kennel . Outdoor dog kennels give you more options because you have more space.

I suggest a large dog kennel that is not any smaller than 6-7 foot high and 5 foot wide by ten foot long. The best kennels are even larger ranging from 6-7 foot high and 20 foot by 20 foot or 30 by 30 foot. Basically the more space the better.

With outdoor dog kennel set ups you can buy a pre-made or a modular dog kennel or you can build your own kennel set up based on plans or your own creativity.

Sources for Dog Kennel Set Ups

Before I sat down to write this article I did some searching around to find online providers for various types of dog kennel set ups that would be suitable for Pit Bulls. From puppy to adult you should find something from the following companies that will suit your needs.

One company that I found that offers a variety of dog kennel solutions online is StacksandStacks.com . They offer outdoor and indoor dog kennel set ups for reasonable prices.

To make finding a solution easier I set up a site that goes a bit more in depth into the dog kennel topic. You can check it out at http://www.DogKennelsForSale.biz. There you'll find information about suppliers, outdoor dog kennels, modular dog kennels, and chain link fencing options to get you started on the right foot.

Dog Kennel Summary

By exploring your options and choosing the best kennel set up for your dog and your living situation you are stepping up and being a responsible Pit Bull owner.

Whatever type of dog kennel you choose and where ever you choose to set it up isn't as important as providing a high quality set up to make your Pit Bull more comfortable and provide a safe haven for them to hang out in while you are away or so they can enjoy the outdoors and get some fresh air.

If you have any questions about this information feel free to email me at Jason@PitBullLovers.com. I hope you have enjoyed this article.

Have a great day!

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