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Dedicated to those people who take action and speak for dogs that can't speak for themselves

The image to the left of the title of this page says it all.

Pit Bull hero's are dedicated.

Two such hero's are Toni Phillips and her husband Mike.

In 1998 Toni and Mike moved to Divide, Colorado and in 2003 started animal rescue operations there as Mariah's Promise Animal Sanctuary.

Not being strangers to the animal rescue arena by any stretch of imagination they soon found themselves neck deep in bullies.

Toni and Mike fight bans on a daily basis. Prejudice and anger from neighbors and local governments as well.

Incredible if you ask me.

The Denver ban put a lot of strain on rescues around the area and Toni and Mike's rescue Mariah's Promise Animal Sanctuary was soon hit too.

In a recent email to me she stated, "We have offered refuge to approximately (100) bully breeds from Denver, starting in April when the ban reinstatement was announced."

I put the bold text in there to make sure that wasn't missed. Around 100 dogs from Denver and imagine, this is just one rescue operation effected by the ban. What about the other rescues in the area? It breaks my heart to think about all those dogs. It also saddens me to think these morons in Denver think they solved a problem.

Toni and Mike go to great lengths for these dogs. Most of the time the dogs sleep indoors with them, however, with so many dogs that is not possible. What's more, winter is here and these dogs reside in outside kennels.

While they are provided for with plenty of fresh water, warm sleeping areas, and nice kennels, there are still far to many dogs at the sanctuary looking for homes.

Which is part of the reason I'm writing today.

I wanted to spotlight Toni and her work with bully breeds and make sure you knew that there are plenty of dogs residing there that are still looking for forever homes.

You can get more information about the adoptable bullies by going to Mariah's Promise Animal Sanctuary home page at PetFinder.

Without People Like Toni and Mike
We Would Be Fighting a Losing Battle

However...it's people like them that take action and decide enough is enough. Not only do they help bullies, they help many different breeds. In my opinion, they and people like them, should get a metal of valor.

Taking care of around 100 bullies (this doesn't include the other breeds there) is a monumental undertaking and I applaud them for their efforts.

Would you be so kind as to visit their web site and spread the word about their efforts with others?

Again, the web site is located at: Mariah's Promise Animal Sanctuary.

Visit the site, bookmark it, share it, and if you or anyone you know is looking for a good bully, why not take a moment and look at the available dogs too? You never know, you might find the dream dog you've been waiting for.

One incredible thing I also wanted to add to this story is they have set up a mobile spay/neuter program to help their rural residents get their dogs fixed.

In rural areas roaming dogs create a ton of puppies. Their program resulted in about 275 dogs/cats being altered, and over 400 vaccines given in the two years they did this. Toni does these clinics twice a year in partnership with MaxFund of Denver.

To Toni and Mike... PitBullLovers.com thanks you for the work you do and you can bet dollar doughnuts you'll be hearing more from us in the future.


Jason Mann, Angel CGC and Honey

Copyright © 2005. All rights reserved.

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