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Canine Massage – How to Keep Your Pit Bull in Good Health

By on May 20, 2014

When you think massage you’re probably not thinking canine massage. Well at least I didn’t consider canine massage until I started competing in various dog sports with my dog Angel. We dabbled mostly, never too serious about any of it, but I didn’t want my dog lame because of my ambition for her. Picking up canine massage was a solid decision. Pre-warm up and post cool down massage helps loosen your dogs muscles for activity.

Image via sparktography

Image via sparktography

You don’t have to be a dog sports competitor to use canine massage either. Massage comes in handy for days at the park where you know your dog is going to play “harder than normal.” As well as during those times of stress. Massage helps relax your dogs mind and body.

Massage is a Healthy Alternative

Vets are quick to prescribe harmful drugs for muscle aches, strains and sprains. Massage not only helps prevent those injuries to begin with but properly applied massage can help speed recovery without the use of harmful drugs. You have to consider the strain that we put on our dogs through activities like fetch and tug of war. Both are fun for the dogs but the stress their bodies go through even playing this simple games is quite extraordinary. Massage the muscles before and after exercise to see improved range of movement, faster recovery between play (work) sessions, and help your dog live a healthier lifestyle.

Educating Yourself Online

You can find dozens of websites about canine massage by doing a quick search on Google or any other search engine. You will find sites about specific types of massage as well as information courses you can purchase.

While I am all for getting free information one thing I’ve learned from being online for nearly two decades is you can usually save yourself a ton of time buy purchasing a course/how to product.

Instead of spending countless hours searching the web and piecing the information together courses offer you a fast rack to educating yourself on a particular subject.

With a 30-60 day money back guarantee you really have nothing to lose anyway. However if you’re a born searcher you’ll be able to find the information you need through Google as I already mentioned.

One course that I highly recommend is Dog Massage Secrets by Pawsitive Media. I know the “secrets” title is a bit goofy but I’m sure there is some marketing madness behind the title. In any case it’s an excellent way to start learning how to give your Pit Bull a proper canine massage.


Healthier Pit Bull Terriers Lead Longer Lives

Science along with countless examples of Pit Bull Terriers living longer lives have proven that keeping your dog in prime shape is a seriously good idea. Barring any accidents or tragedies a healthy Pit Bull is a happy Pit Bull.

I know when my dog Angel was getting up there in years I started giving her a regular massage which clearly helped her. Her movement was better, she had that “spunk” she had when she was much younger, and our walks were not pain inducing outings.

Her health wasn’t the greatest towards the end but I have no doubt those regular massages made her feel a lot better. They allowed us to bond even more before she passed. Something I cherish everyday.

Which is what I’ll end this article with. Even if you’re not interested in canine massage for the health benefits the act of massage most certainly helps you and your dog bond even further.

If you’re interested in the course that allowed me to help my dog you can get more information by going to
Dog Massage Secrets by Pawsitive Media

I would love to hear your thoughts on canine massage. Leave’em in the comments as always.

About Jason Mann

Jason Mann is the founder of and retired professional dog trainer. He retired from Dog training in 2013 so he could devote more attention to and helping Pit Bull owners around the world learn how to live a more peaceful life with their dogs as well as educate the general public about the true nature of these incredible canines.

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