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Pit Bull Information – Your complete online resource

Understanding Pit Bull Temperament

Dog On Dog Aggression The Pit Bull is a purpose-bred dog. Historically, Pit Bulls were bred as a hunting dog of large game. Later, the...

Blue Pitbulls – Pitbull Puppies and Other Destructive Forces

Looking for a puppy? Blue pitbull? White pitbull? Or other color? Sorry, we aren't selling any dogs. One of the reasons this breed is...

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How To Teach your Pit Bull to Come to You?

How training my dog to come when called saved her life and why every dog owner should teach their dog to come to them...

Pit Bull Puppies – Getting Started Raising Them Right

Ever wonder why some people seem to have a "magic" touch with their dogs? Have you ever seen a country dog being told what...

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