5 Tips to Make House Training Your American Pit Bull Terrier a Breeze

Is your puppy or dog going potty (sorry I couldn’t think of a better term there) all over your house? Are you waking up to poo and pee spots in front of your bed room door?

House training a new puppy can be easy or it can the most frustrating thing a person has every experienced.

This article will share with you five tips to make potty training your American Pit Bull Terrier quickly and without all the stress that normally comes with this over complicated process.

Keep reading to find out how to make this process a lot easier…

TIP #1: Watch for the Potty Sign. Recognizing that puppy needs to potty is the first thing you should do. One of the easiest signs to spot is the sniffing. Excessive sniffing of the ground is one way to tell that your puppy is thinking about going potty on your nice rug or carpet. Pick the pup up and set it outside.

TIP #2: Be Prepared. Be prepared to clean up some accidents and don’t freak out about it. One thing that always made me laugh was how people reacted when they’re new puppy went in the house. They acted surprised, like it was a shocker the little thing used the bathroom. So be prepared to clean up some mistakes and remember, the little darling is just doing what comes natural it’s your job to teach it were it’s okay to go.

TIP #3: Take it Outside. When you notice the dog is thinking about going to the bathroom pick it up and take it outside. I would recommend taking it to the same spot every time. This way clean up is easier because you know it will be right there and not all over the yard. If an accident occurs be calm, carpet can be cleaned, simply pick up the dog place it outside in it’s potty area and leave it there (you should be with it) for a few minutes.

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TIP #4: Never Correct. This is one many of you may not agree with, but here me out. You don’t have to yell at the dog, spank it, and for God’s sake don’t rub it’s nose in the stuff. That’s just down right rude. Calmly pick the dog up, set it outside, and proceed to clean up the mess. Bring the puppy back in the house and go on with your life. Correction is a set back in this case because once you scare the puppy it will start to hide and do it’s thing. Which makes the process longer and more difficult. No harsh corrections means the puppy will have it’s mind at ease and will be able to learn what you want it to do. Which is go outside to potty.

TIP #5: Be Consistent. I know in this busy world it’s hard to be there all the time to get the little darling outside to use the bathroom. Consistency is key here, the more times the dog is let out to use the bathroom when it needs to go the less time it will take to learn that’s the right thing to do.

A few more extra tips: take the dog out 10-20 minutes after eating and drinking, before bed time, and right when you wake up in the morning and when you get home from work.

If your dog does have an accident it is important that you clean it up using a odor eliminator that kills the smell of urine and poop.

House training isn’t that hard if you devote the time it takes to get it done right. Respect the puppy and be consistent. In as little as one week you can have a house trained dog.

Good Luck!