Our goal is to help the general public learn more about the breed and to help you find high-quality information.

What You Won’t Find at this Site

  • Information about breeders or puppies for sale – We are proudly devoted to helping as many of the millions of homeless American Pit Bull Terriers out there as we can. Not that breeding is a bad thing. If done right it will help ensure the future of our breed. With that said, we choose not to support breeding at this time.
  • Dog fighting information – For historical purposes dog fighting is discussed in some of the articles on this site. However, that is the extent of information and if you’re looking for information about this blood sport you won’t find it here.
  • Media hype – The media is in a frenzy about this breed. Anything with the words “pit bull” in the headline is likely to sell a few of their rags. They are on the hunt for negative stories. While we understand these dogs do get into trouble (because of irresponsible owners, bad breeding, and about a million other reasons) there is far more good than bad about this breed.