Top 5 Best Leashes for Pit Bulls in 2020

There seems like an endless variety of leashes available nowadays. There are short ones, long ones, ones made for smaller dogs and pit bull leash products. And finding one that not only fits your dog but also is functional can feel like searching a haystack for a needle.

However, finding a leash for pit bull dogs doesn’t have to be all that difficult. All you really need to do is to search for a high-quality model that your pit bull won’t break and will give you years of service. To help you with your quest, I’ve listed some of the more prominent ones below.

Best Pit Bull Leashes

Primal Pet Gear Extra-Long Dog Leash With 2-Handles

This extra-long 2-handled dog leash gives users complete control over their pit bulls. With one handle at the end of the leash and another one that’s closer to the clip, this leash gives pet owners as little or as much control over their pets as they want. This leash isn’t just about keeping a hand on your dog, however. It’s also designed with your comfort in mind. It’s padded and is also made from high-quality material. Whether you want a leash which can be used for long walks or runs or want a leash to control aggression, this one might be the one to check out.

Pet Lover’s Club Heavy-Duty Padded Leash

This lightweight and durable dog leash is designed  to not only allow users to have full control over their pets but to also last a long time. It’s made out of high-quality nylon and is approximately 6-feet long. It has a very comfortable handle that prevents pet owners from hurting their hands if their dogs pull or tug the leash. It also comes in a variety of colors from black to reflective red and is stylish enough for day-to-day use. If you’re looking for a durable and easy-to-use leash, then this model with the swivel-clip might be one that you look into.

Sparkly Pets Heavy-Duty Rope Leash

Sparkly Pets Heavy-Duty Rope Leash is designed a little bit different than most leashes. It’s made using bungee which acts like a shock-absorber when the dog jumps, tugs or pulls the leash. It’s also designed to handle a lot of abuse with high-quality stitching, braided nylon rope, and heavy-duty metallic hooks. This dog leash is specially designed for large or strong dogs and can take a lot of abuse. It’s also a leash that comes in one of three colors – black, green or teal and has a nice stylish design that looks good on not only pit bulls but on just about any dog.

Paw Lifestyles Heavy-Duty Dog Leash

This heavy-duty leash is specifically designed to handle bigger dogs like pit bulls. It’s approximately an inch-wide, 3-millimeters thick and is reinforced with webbed nylon. It’s threaded with reflective threading so that people can see it even during the evening hours. It’s equipped with a D-clip so that it can be quickly and easily attached to your pet’s collar and had a lightweight yet stylish design. It comes in two distinct colors – either black and blue or black and green. This 6-foot long leash also has a padded handle so that pet owners can comfortably hold the leash, even when their dog is pulling it taut.

One Tigris Tactical Bungee Leash

This tactical training dog leash is designed to not only be sturdy but also to provide the pet owner with the tools they need to control and train their dog. It’s made from high-quality nylon that’s lightweight and features two handles, one near the clip and one further down the leash, that allows the user to determine how much control they need to exert over their pet. This leash also has reflective stitching that makes it more visible during night walks and has a bungee design that absorbs some of the energy when your dog pulls the leash taught. That makes it good for both day-to-day use and for training purposes.


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Leash For Pitbulls Guide

Known for their strength, you don’t need anyone else to tell you the importance of buying a quality leash for your pitbull. The risk of buying something that is not up to the task is that your Pitty develops bad habits, or it can break and you have to retrieve him in the park.

To find a leash for Pitbulls that lasts, it needs to tick certain boxes. When you know it is up to the task you can take him for a walk with the confidence that your leash isn’t going to let you down. The following guide outlines how to ensure your purchase is a good one.

What To Look For In A Leash For Pitbulls

  • Strong Materials – Of course, the strength of your pitbull is going to make this one of the most important factors. It’s all down to the materials used and will help you correct strong pulling. Not only this, but it will make them more durable and resilient when it comes to chewing.
    There are chain leashes for Pitbulls that are strong but can be prone to rust. Other popular leashes are made from heavy-duty nylon or leather which is known for being durable.
    The same goes for the clip. If it isn’t strong or secure, it could break which could leave your Pitbull free to roam.
  • Width – A think dog leash is not going to give you enough command when it comes to correcting strong pulls and can be more likely to break under excessive pressure. This is why you need a product with the width to make sure it is suitable for your Pitbull. A width of an inch is usually a good place to start.
  • Dual Handles – A lot of leashes for Pitbulls come with a second handle, closer to your Pitty that gives you more control. This is great when you are teaching them manners by the road or are just wary of other dogs and want to keep him close.
  • Length – This can vary depending on what you need it for as there are control leashes that are short and better for keeping your Pitty under close control. For walks, a leash length of around 6 ft is a good amount for a start.
  • Reflective Material – To help keep you and your dog safe at night, reflective material is often a great layer of security. It can come in the form of the stitching or have a bigger presence but whatever you go for, it can help make you easy to identify when light is scarce and the weather is taking a turn for the worse.
  • Padded Handle – Because they can pull, a padded handle is an important thing to look for from the owner’s point of view. It can come in different materials but the main thing is, it doesn’t rub and hurt when your dog sees another dog and makes a sudden movement.
  • Color – This and the style are your chance to match the leash to your Pitbulls personality. Also, it can help you to make life easier if you already have a collar.
  • Value – Because there are so many leashes for Pitbulls out there, there are options to suit all budgets. Of course, you aren’t going to get a leather leash for under $5 but there are other products close to that. Still, consider the fact that a cheaper leash might be easier to chew or break so spending a little bit more might prevent you from having to purchase another in a few weeks.

Should I Buy A Retractable Leash For My Pitbull?

A retractable leash can be a great option for owners of small and medium breeds but they do not always have the strength and reliability that makes them suitable for larger breeds such as Pitbulls.

Also, some people choose not to choose them because they can get stuck. You can get some sturdily made retractable leashes but unless your Pitbull is particularly obedient it might not be your best option.

Why It Is Important To Leash A Pitbull

This isn’t exclusive to Pitbulls in particular, but every large breed dog. It doesn’t matter how friendly you know your dog is, a neighbor might feel safer if they know you have control.

It also prevents them from straying next door or beyond. Sometimes, dog bites can be easily avoided and we won’t go into the specific laws in your state but dog owners do have a liability to act responsibly.

Lastly, a quality leash will stop your beloved pooch from running away, and keep him where he belongs, close to you.