5 Cool Pitbull Hats

Pit bull hats are not just a fashion choice or a way to protect your head from the elements but they are also a good way to show your pit bull pride and to announce to the world that you are a really big fan of this often misunderstood breed of dog.

And since hats with pit bull designs come in a variety of different styles – from baseball caps to beanies and even trucker caps – you can express your style and still support this canine breed. Just choose one that you like, order it and then once you receive it, show the world how much you care about pit bulls.

Cool Pitbull Hats

The Mountain “Happiness is a Pit Bull Smile” Hat

This funky and cool pit bull six-paneled hat is manufactured using sustainable environmental practices and is made from 100% polyester. It features a Velcro adjustable back strap and has a very low profile type of style to it. It also features the well-known Dean Russo design on its front with the words “Happiness is a Pit Bull Smile” above it. Wearing this hat is a great statement and lets everyone who sees it know that you love this canine breed. This hat also makes a great holiday or birthday gift to that special pit bull owner in your life.

Yioty Patriotic American Flag Pitbull Wool Skull Cap

This patriotic wool beanie is made from a blend of cotton and sheep’s wool that makes it warm and comfortable to wear. This beanie comes in a variety of different colors from gray to black to white and can be both by both men and women. On its front is a silhouette of a pit bull that’s colored in with red and white strips and white stars on a blue field of the American flag. While wearing this cap you can not only show off your love of pit bulls but also your love of the U.S as well.

USA Headwear Pit Bull Head Baseball Cap

If you’re looking for a piece of head gear that will show off your deep love of your pit bull to the entire world, then you might want to take a look at this pit bull baseball cap. This cap is made from 100% acrylic and is designed to fit most people’s heads. On the front of the hat is a design of a pit bull head and on the back closure is the word “Pitbull.” This hat can be worn year round and when it gets dirty it can be hand-washed to restore it back to its former glory.

Pitbull Pride Unisex Wool Stretch Beanie

Available in colors from ash to white, this pit bull pride is the perfect beanie to buy for yourself or to give that special pit bull owner in your life. This fun, unisex cap fits most size heads and is made from a cotton/sheep wool blend. On the front of it is a design of a pit bull with its tongue stuck out with the phrase “Pit Bull Pride” underneath it. This beanie can be worn year round – winter, spring, summer and fall. So go ahead and show off your pit bull pride by wearing this nice beanie out in public.

Pitbull Lives Matter Denim Bill Cap

This high-quality denim bill cap comes in a variety of colors—from ash to natural to royal blue and features the saying “Pitbull Lives Matter” on its front. This unisex hat is suitable for both men and women and it is recommended to be hand washed to keep it from deforming. It’s a great hat to show off your pit bull pride or to just tell people that you love these magnificent canines. This cotton denim hat should fit most size heads and has a 2.75-inch brim. It’s a pit bull hat that can be worn winter, spring, summer or fall.


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