Keeping Your Pit Bull Safe During Car Trips

Keeping your dog safe during car trips is another way to make sure you give them the best quality of life you can.

Following are five tips for Keeping your Pit Bull safe during car trips.

Tip #1: Never leave them in the car during warm or hot days. Even if you plan on running inside a store for a few minutes do not leave your dog in the car. If you have to leave them in the car make sure the doors are locked and the windows are cracked.

Dogs can over heat extremely fast inside a hot car and die. Even it the tempeture is not to hot they can still over heat. Remember to crack them enough for air to get but make sure a person won’t be able to get their hands in there. Wouldn’t want your Pit Bull pal getting kidnapped.
In case of over heating wet their belly and groin area with cold water and get them in front of the air conditioner in your car. Then rush them to the vet.

Tip #2: Do not let them stick their heads out the window while you are driving. Debris from the road has been known to fly up and get into the dogs eyes.

Air born debris that is quite tiny can also damage the eye. Keep the window cracked to allow air to flow inside the car and up enough to keep your dogs head inside the vehicle. Think about a tiny little flake of sand hitting your eye while you are going 60 mph? Enough said on that subject.
If you think your dog has something in their eye take them to the vet immediately and get them examined by a professional.

Tip #3: Keep those windows up enough where your dog can not jump out. Even if your dog has never shown any signs of leaping from the car when the window is open keep them up enough to prevent them from being able to do so. Recently a women emailed me and said her dog had never once tried to jump out of her car.
However, when her sister had her dog in the car one of her children rolled down the window and the dog jumped. Breaking his femur and breaking her heart because the incident happened.

In short, windows should be rolled up enough to keep your Pit Bull pal inside the car. Moving or not.

Tip #4: Never let them ride in the back of a truck or SUV with the back window open. This really doesn’t need to be explained. But I have seen some nasty accidents involving a dog that jumped out of a moving truck when it was left in the bed.

Very simple…either put them in the truck with you or don’t take them at all.

Needless to say keeping your dog in the bed of a truck is flat out silly.

Tip #5: Keep them from moving around and distracting you.

Another common sense tip but it needs to be said. A dog on the dashboard of your car is distracting you from paying attention to the road and other drivers. In some states in the US it’s illegal to have your dog loose in the vehicle. If room permits put a large wire crate and a nice bed for them to lay down in and put them in the kennel when they are in the car.

In Summary

In the end a little common sense goes a long way for keeping your Pit Bull safe during car trips. Taking a few moments each time you take them in the car with you to ensure they are safe is the least you can do for them. After all you do want them to be around for a long time right?
Keep these five tips in mind the next time you have your Pit Bull pal in the car with you and happy traveling!