Pit Bull Puppies or the Curse of Cute

In the following article I’d like to discuss Pit Bull puppies and the impact they have on the over whelming problem of over population in the dog world. Puppies are cute, I mean look at the picture to the right. I would lay odds 80% of the people who read this article say, “Awww!” when they see that picture. There in lies one of the problems…

Pit Bull Puppy Lust

Puppy lust. We’ve all had it. We see a cute picture or a little puppy clumsily running across the yard barely able to hold themselves up and we think, “Oh man! I have to have that little one!”
It’s natural to feel this way.
I’m a guy and while I probably shouldn’t admit this to the world, I do the same thing with babies. I see a cute baby and I start making faces at them and being a general goof ball. People think I’m crazy, but I’m not, it’s what I like to call, “the curse of cute.”

Some people can resist this curse. Others can’t. They end up making a life changing decision based on the wrinkles of a dogs coat or the incredibly cute eyes they have. Only to realize their mistake a few months (or days) down the road.

Pit Bulls & Over Population

Over population is a real problem we are facing everyday. Millions of Pit Bulls and other dogs are being surrended to shelters and rescues daily leading to these organizations being stretched beyond their means. Pit Bull puppies, while cute as cute can be are being produced by the thousands on a daily basis and this leads to several things.

This leads to:

  • Dogs being surrended because people fell pray to “the curse of cute.”
  • People breeding more dogs because they can sell more dogs due to popularity.
  • More unsound or incorrect dogs are being bred because people are in it for the money and not to improve or continue a stable line of dogs.
  • Loose dogs roaming, unsound Pit Bulls biting people, and animal cruelty to homeless dogs by people who are, well, sick.

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Pit Bull Puppies & Pit Bull Breeders

It is my hope that if you breed or have bred, even one litter, you will take something positive away from this article. Breeders, or should I say, so-called breeders, should realize their actions are effecting everything around them. In our world we tend to think of ourselves. It’s human nature, look out for number one and then worry about number two, three, four etc…

There’s nothing wrong with that, unless you never consider the rest of the world you are effecting. People who breed dogs are effecting:

  • their community
  • the dogs they breed and sell
  • the people who end up with those dogs
  • Those people who buy their dogs communities
  • so and so forth

A problem that extends each time a dog is sold or given to someone.

Pit Bull Puppies and the Solution

What is the answer? How do we change this situation? For one, making mass breeding of animals against the law would be step in the right direction. In short, if you breed over X amount of puppies a year, you should be fined and jailed as a result.

Harsh? Maybe, but we live in harsh times where homeless dogs, cruelty, and indiscriminate breeding practices have become intolerable. It’s time to stop and make a change. The hobby breeder or the responsible breeder should not be effected. What I’m talking about are the people pumping out pup after pup and putting incredible prices on them because they want to buy a new Lexus or because they are famous and think their dogs are special.

In the end, the solution lies with each individual to do the right thing. Do not support BYB’s or Puppy Mills. Do support rescues and shelters. Even if you don’t adopt a dog, donate food, toys, money and your time. That’s how we will make a change.