Pit Bull Training Tips: 4 ways to stop excessive barking

If you have a Pit Bull who barks non-stop here are five tips to help you teach them to quiet down.
Note: You do not have to use harsh or overly aggressive training methods to help solve your dogs excessive barking problem. Positive training methods are best used with this issue. Barking is a normal behavior. However, excessive barking is simply annoying.

Four Ways to Stop Your Pit Bull from Barking too Much

Give them plenty of exercise: There is a saying in the world of Pit Bulls, “A tired Pit Bull is a good Pit Bull.” If you find yourself hearing barking at all hours of the night you might want to look at how much exercise your dog is getting. They could be bored and barking is a way of letting go of some of that stress. Give them plenty of exercise every single day.

Acknowledge them: Walk over and give them a bit of praise.

Pit Bulls are attention nuts: which can lead to barking to get your attention. Walk over and give them a very small amount of praise and let them know you heard them. I have found this to work for me personally with my dog Honey.

Make Your Own Doggy Rattle: Rattles are to dogs as fingernails on blackboards are to people. Take a soda can or bottle and put some coins or rocks inside. When your dog starts barking shake your rattle. This will cause them to focus on you and be quiet long enough for you to call them to you or tell them to quiet down.

The Pit Bull Training Handbook

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When You Speak, Speak in a Normal Tone and Don’t Scold them

Ignore them: One of the reasons for excessive barking is getting your attention. If they don’t listen to you after you tell them to quit walk away. This works for dogs seeking attention. They will seek you out and stop the barking by seeing where you are going.

Mail Man = Good Stuff: Does your dog flip out when people come over? Ask them to bring a treat and give it to your dog. Your dog will start to see them as friends and not threats. Which will help curb or stop your dog from going nuts when they come over.

Note: If you want a guard dog get a Poodle.


One of the mistakes people make when they are training their dogs it they don’t know when to move on to something new. Usually a week or two is long enough to know if the training tip is going to work or not. If you find yourself not getting any results after a week or two move on to the next tip.