Are Pit Bulls Working Dogs?

I’ll answer that with a resounding you bet your underwear they are. Pit Bulls, aka The American Pit Bull Terrier are perfectly designed for working. Not to mention they are versatile and can adapt to almost every form of work available for working dogs today.

A few jobs Pit Bulls excel at are:

  • Drug Detection
  • Explosive Detection
  • Search and Rescue
  • Water Safety Dogs
  • Therapy Dogs

Now more than ever, a solid working dog is fast becoming a hot commodity

Why do you think working dogs are in such a great demand?

All you have to do is watch the evening news here in the United States and you’ll quickly see why a reliable working dog is needed.

Natural disasters, terrorist bombs, drugs and crime, and with our society in a state of depression a therapy dog is something that is under estimated if you ask me.

Of course, we as owners get the benefits of their therapy work without any special training. When you are stressed out from your job and you come home to the all to familiar wiggly butt Pit Bulls are known for that’s some serious therapy right there. :o)

The Pit Bull Training Handbook

I am a certified professional dog trainer and pit bull owner that will show you how to train your pit bull and stop annoying behavior problems.
Along with it, I am also going to teach you about health secrets that will keep your pit bull happy and healthy.

As Working Dogs Pit Bulls Are Rock Solid

Like I said before, our dogs are versatile canines that can tackle almost any work you put in front of them.

Drug and Bomb dogs are in great demand and Pit Bulls excel at this work because of their natural drives and their athletic ability to climb, jump, run, and their stamina.

The Pit Bulls wiliness to please their people is one of the greatest assets of the breed. This compels them to work for long periods under high levels of stress and get the job done.

Do you think your dog has what it takes?

I encourage everyone to get out there and test their dogs for working ability. Especially if you are in a field like law enforcement or you love the outdoors and helping people at the same time.

Why not enroll your dog in SAR school and get certified to find lost children, elderly, and campers?

Why not go out and find a rescue dog and test them to see if they would make a drug or bomb dog and then donate that dog to your local Police department for training?

Or you could have some fun and kick back and train them for the heck of it. In any case, Pit Bulls are working dogs and they thrive on high levels of activity. Without hard exercise they tend to waste away or develop behavioral problems.

Hunting down your son in the park or your husband around the block is great fun and you both get plenty of good exercise.

What more does a Pit Bull need?

Actually as I write this my dog Honey is in a feather chair, laid up on her back, kicking her little legs about and having a nice dream. I guess besides working hard they need to rest hard too. Or, she might be lazy. :o)

Working Dogs and Pit Bulls

They are one in the same. They thrive on action. They love to track, hunt, bark, work and please their people. This is what a working dog is all about.

Pit Bulls are the most versatile working dog on our planet. Bar none. To employ them in work is a sure bet you will get 150% effort each and every time they are asked to do something (unless they are like Honey over on that chair).

Once again, the answer to the question, Are Pit Bulls working dogs, is a resounding yes indeed!