Positive American Pit Bull Terrier Websites

Image credit: AFP

We have been searching the web for Pit Bull information for years. We have come across thousands of web sites. You will also notice that most of these sites on other people’s resources pages and recommend lists. There’s a reason for that. They are solid and offer some great information. Take a few moments to visit them.

Recommended Websites:

  • Pit bull From Wikipedia – This website does a good job explaining about the term “pit bull.” Most people use the term as a general term that refers to a number of “bully” breeds. Take a moment and check out the site. (Note: When I say Pit Bull I am referring American Pit Bull Terriers.)
  • Pit Bull Happenings – A Positive Pit Bull Community where Pit Bull owners gather and the site also supports rescue. Nice site. Check it out.
  • Pit Bull Advocates for Compassion and Kindness – Pit Bull Advocates for Compassion and Kindness is a breed specific rescue. Their mission is to promote compassion and kindness toward Pit Bulls by creating breed ambassadors through both in-shelter and foster-home training. Take a moment and visit the folks at PACK and let them know we appreciate the incredible work they do.
  • StopBSL.com – StopBSL.com is a web site devoted to the breed specific legislation issue. You will find BSL information, alternatives, and outstanding links to BSL related and Pit Bull related web sites. Visit them today and show your support.
  • Pitbull Chat – Pit Bull Chat is dedicated to the preservation of the pit bull in its modern incarnations as a loving companion pet and top competitor in weight pull competitions and conformation shows.
  • Colby American Pit Bull Terriers – Vintage photos from the Colby family. Who have been breeding APBT’s for well over 100 years. Great site.
  • Pittie Love Rescue – A Nice Pit Bull rescue site. Take a moment and visit them.
  • Pit Bull Saloon – This site is dedicated to our Pit Pals and advocates for pit bulls, as well as bikers. The pits here are all rescues, and of cross bred pit bull breeds.
  • I Heart Paws – A really cool pet community and forum. Great articles about diet, health, over all care, and more. Stop by and visit them today.
  • APBT Conformation – Ever wonder what genetic code creates a brindle dog? Would you like to know how tall the APBT should be? This site has it. Solid information ranging from genetics to conformation. Voted a must visit by Pit Bull Lovers.
  • The Working Pit Bull – Oustanding site with loads of great info.
  • The Real Pit Bull – I really like this site. Stuffed with great information about the breed anyone interested in the APBT should visit this site.
  • Understand-A-Bull – Breed specific legislation information plus solid information on the APBT. A must visit.
  • Pit Bull Rescue San Diego – A great web site that features Pit Bulls who are in shelters in San Diego area. Give them a visit and show your support.