Why Having Two Pit Bulls Is a Bad Idea?

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Should I get Two Pit Bull Puppies and Raise them Together? Or Should I Get a Puppy for my Adult Pit Bull?

The Short Answer: NO.


Two Pit Bull Puppies is a Bad Idea

I might have a different view if I wasn’t presented with thousands of questions regarding behavior issues, dog fights, and email’s from distraught owners who lost one of their dogs in a in-house dog fight.

Pit Bulls on a whole can be dog aggressive and while this is perfectly normal, why invite the possibility of long term trouble into your home?

I live with two Pit Bulls, females even (which some say is the worst combo), and I know from experience it’s not a fun experience.

While I love my girls to death I’ll admit there is not a day that goes by I don’t think about what it would be like having one dog again. I would love to have those days back!

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Problems resulting from two Pit Bulls

  • As I mentioned, dog fights. Are you ready to separate your dogs for the rest of their lives?
  • Training – Double the training efforts. Instead of one puppy you have to housebreak or one adult dog you have to “fix” because of someone else’s lack of knowledge you now have two.
  • Attention – As much as it hurts, I only have so much time and only so much attention for both my dogs. Are you ready to split that attention or give one dog more of something than the other? How much time do you have?
  • Food – Double your food costs.
  • Vets – Double your vet bills. My bills were increased by $300 when Honey came to live with me. Since then both dogs have had major operations that cost over $2,000 each. I’m not denying my dogs medical care, but it’s not something I recommend for everyone that’s for sure.
  • Dog waste – Double the amount of poo you have to clean up daily. (I could really do without this one.)
  • Activities – Using me as an example. Angel loves water, I love water, Honey hates water, she never goes with us to the lake or the river. She is left out and it bugs me because I want her to have fun too. Honey doesn’t get as much vacation time either because of her need to bark at all things weird. Are you ready to leave one and take the other?

As I stated before, I wouldn’t change my situation for the world but I often wish things would have ended up differently. I had to learn how to train, feed, love, and care for two Pit Bulls who are like night and day when compared to each other. It’s exhausting sometimes.

It’s Hard Enough Properly Raising One Pit Bull

In the end, it’s difficult to raise one Pit Bull to be a well behaved, loved, healthy member of your family. By adding another dog to your family you are also putting more strain on them and your current dog. I always have said Pit Bulls are like Tattoos. Once you get one, you have this undying urge to get another.

Before you bring another dog into your home or if you want to purchase two Pit Bull puppies, consider the long term effects it will have on your dogs, you and your family carefully before making any decisions.